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Holy Oil of St Peregrine

Holy Oil of St Peregrine

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Saint Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer sufferers and is invoked with confidence for all those who are suffering with tumours and cancers.  

This oil has been exorcized and blessed according to the Traditional Latin Rite by a Catholic priest with an authenticated first-class relic of St Peregrine.

It comes with a prayer card and medal of St Peregine (both of these contain cloth touched to the relic of St Peregrine and so can be carried with you at all times to ask for the intercession of the saint).  

It also includes a brief leaflet with a little information about St Peregrine and some prayers that may be used to ask for his healing intercession.

This is a blessed sacramental and so cannot be sold.  The price attached is a suggested donation.  If you would like to give a different amount, or if you cannot afford any donation, please just contact us at and we can make alternative arrangements.

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