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Holy Oil of St Gerard Majella

Holy Oil of St Gerard Majella

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This oil has been blessed by a Catholic priest with a First Class Relic of Saint Gerard Majella using the Traditional exorcism and blessing from the Roman Ritual.

The oil comes with a relic holy card of St Gerard (with a prayer for an expectant mother on the reverse) and a relic medal of St Gerard.

St Gerard is a much beloved saint and intercessor and he is patron of: those trying to conceive; expectant mothers; pregnancy; childbirth; babies and young children; and mothers.

The oil is olive oil and contains a small amount of essential lavender oil.

(It is not permitted to sell relics and blessed items.  The price allocated to this purchase is a donation to the priest who blessed the oil and to cover costs of packaging and printing.  If the amount is an obstacle to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at )

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