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Gregorian Mass

Gregorian Mass

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A Gregorian Mass is not a particular type of Mass but a name given to series of 30 Masses offered on consecutive days for a particular intention.

Gregorian Masses have customarily been offered for the repose of the souls of loved ones, or for particularly serious needs.  The Masses can be offered for any legitimate intention.

The Masses will be offered by a Roman Catholic priest using the Traditional Latin Rite on 30 consecutive days.

The donation can be discussed (using the email address below) but the suggested amount is based upon £10.00 per daily Mass which is considered an acceptable suggested offering in the UK, as well as an extra £50 on the basis of the priest having to refuse all other Mass intentions during this 30 day period.

Please email us at to discuss dates for the Masses to begin.  If you do not email us, we will be in contact with you after you place your order.  If we are not able to make contact, the Masses will begin at the earliest possible date.

Please remember to email us (at the same email address) with the details of the intention for which you want the Masses to be offered. If you do not write with an intention, or do not respond to our attempts to contact you, the Masses will be offered for the “Intention of the Donor”

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