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Oil of the Holy Face of Jesus

Oil of the Holy Face of Jesus

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- 30ml bottle of oil which has burned in front of a genuine relic image of the Holy Face touched to the Veil of St Veronica. (The oil is olive oil with a small amount of lavender essential oil. It has also been exorcized and blessed by a Catholic priest using the Traditional Latin Rite)

- Blessed medal of the Holy Face

- Explanatory leaflet

(The price requested is to cover the cost for printing and packaging and an offering for the priest. The holy oil and blessed medal are without charge. If you are unable to provide this offering do not hesitate to contact us at and other arrangements can be made)

The miracles connected with the oil of the Holy Face

On the morning of Holy Saturday, an acquaintance visited Leo Dupont regarding a business matter. He noticed she was rubbing her eyes, and she related to him the considerable pain her eyes caused her. He invited her to pray before the Holy Face image as he drew up the necessary paperwork for their transaction. He then joined her in prayer and suggested she use the oil from the lamp as a salve for her eyes. He explained that the oil had no curative powers, but oil from a lamp in Rome had been used to cure diseases solely through the expression of faith that the infirm made in using it. Leo’s guest obliged, and she was immediately healed of all eye pain. This was the first of thousands of miracles obtained through reverence to the Holy Face. For the next thirty years, Leo Dupont welcomed all the pilgrims who came to his house to venerate His Holy Face and to seek a favour from Our Lord.  He prayed with visitors and shared in their veneration. He kept records of all the miracles that occurred. He was kept busy with correspondence and assisted all those seeking oil from the lamp that burned before His Holy Face. <o:p></o:p></span></p> </html>

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