About Us


Saint Michael's House is a Catholic shop dedicated to helping people come to know Jesus Christ, the fullness of life He offers through His Catholic Church, and to grow in love for Him.

We are under the patronage of the Archangel St Michael because of our dependance on him to protect each one of us, as we journey to Heaven, from the temptations and attacks of the Devil and his fallen angels.  St Michael is the defender of the Church and his help is called upon at the end of every Mass.

We are faithful to the Traditional Magisterium of the Church and worship according to the Traditional Catholic Liturgy.  

As Carmelites, we are especially devoted to our Blessed Lady, Queen of Heaven and Mediatrix of All Grace.  Staying close to Her, and depending on Her prayers and maternal guidance, we seek to serve Her Son and help all souls draw close to Him.

We are based in Wales.